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Haxhax ad network is a premium, brand safe private marketplace with over 100 handpicked premium publishers serving video, rich media, mobile and traditional display. The minimum traffic required to use this service is 500 000 visits.

HaxHax belongs to The Crazy4Media Group, a group of companies, which are specialised in a specific area of the interactive and digital marketing industry, running complementary functions and knowledge between themselves. Currently Crazy4Media are a team of 70 staff, based in the UK, US, Spain, Malta, Brazil, Slovakia and South Africa. Haxhax provides comprehensive reporting, multi-screen ad servicing, and an auto-invoicing system to get your payouts on time.

Haxhax Network Details
Type: CPM, CPC, CPV, Auction
Minimum Threshold: None
Payment Frequency: NET 30, NET 60
Payment Method: Paypal,Wire
Based Country: US, UK, FR, ES & MX
Phone:   +34954980848
Email: [email protected]
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