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General Settings of Yoast wordpress seo plugin after installation

Here we will learn how to setup of word-press seo plugin yoast after installation. It will index your site maps and your website automatically into search engines.

General Settings of yoast seo plugin

After the installation of wordpress yoast seo plugin you can find its menus from the wore-press menus bar below right side of your admin panel screen. Dashboard menu having general settings of yoast plugin. it will show something like below picture.

General Settings of yoast seo plugin

General Settings of yoast seo plugin

Tracking: it will send details to yoast administrator team that what type of themes, plugins etc you are using.

Security: Unchecking option allows authors and editors to redirect posts, noindex them and do other things you might not want if you don’t trust your authors.

Webmaster Tools:

how to put Alexa verification id – First we need to create account on Alexa.com where we will get verification id for our website/blog.

Click here to register on Alexa.com and make account on Alexa after getting verification id put it into alexa verificaiton id field an click verify button in you Alexa Account.

How to put bing webmaster id – to get bing webmaster verified website we need to make registration on bing webmaster website. After the registration click on add a site from right side menus and follow the instructions. After the filling fields from bing webmaster tools you will get verification html code you have to put our only id from the code. Paste in you word-press panel of yoast seo plugin. Then click on verify button from bing webmaster.

How to put google webmaster verification id – to get google webmaster verification id to verification and submit website into google webmaster make an account on google then sign in on google webmaster account. click on add a site and follow the instructions to get verification id after the putting id code into required field click on verify button.

How to get verified by Pinterest – To get verified website with Pinterest follow the instructions given by Pinterest

Follow the instructions of Pinterest to get site verified

How to get verification id of Yandex Webmaster Tools – For the submission of your site into Yandex Read the below giving instruction.

1. Log into Yandex and add a website to your list of web sites. once doing this, that website are displayed on the page.

2. select your confirmation method on the “Rights Verification” page:
HTML come in the basis directory: you may be asked to form AN HTML file with a singular name and content we offer and place it in your site’s root directory. from the html code you need to put verification id to put into you yoast panel.

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