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Firefly Video is an online video advertising platform designed to augment and complement traditional television and online pre-roll advertising. They have been established as a standalone division of Exponential Interactive. Their desk delivers a package to advertisers, combining the emotion and impact of TV with the fine-grained targeting, rich audience insights, and interactivity of online display advertising. The platform enables advertisers to reach their most wished prospects when they are online, at substantial scale within a brand-safe environment that reaches a global audience of 220 million web users, and owing to its cost per engagement model, with little or no media waste.

Firefly Video Ad Network Details

Type: Mobile Ads,Video,Display, in-app, rich-media,CPM,CPE
Minimum Threshold: N/A
Payment Frequency: N/A
Payment Method: N/A
Based Country: US
Contact: Telephone: 510.250.5500
Email:[email protected]
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