Effect of Search Engine Optimization or SEO on a Business

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation :-

Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process of “Optimizing a Website or a Webpage or an Image” so that for a “set of queried words” there is a higher chance of visibility of your content on a Search Engine.

In other words SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine.

The world is going Internet with everything connected to everything and in this world we can not deny the importance of Search Engines on the success or failure of a Business. The foremost goal of a Business is to generate revenue and to generate revenue a Business needs to sell its Services or Products. A service or a product can be sold only when it has visibility of any kind to the customer.

For a small Business , investing in Advertisement and Marketing is not always feasible. So how can we solve the equations above to have a proper visibility of our products or services. The answer is “SEO or Search Engine Optimization”.

search engine optimization

Calculate ROI (Return on Investment) for your SEO campaign :-

Visible Effects of a Successful SEO campaign :-

1) Increased Organic Traffic

2) Increased Back Links

So what should be the ratio of SEO campaign to Advertisement for a small Business.I t must be greater then or equal to Advertisements . SEO campaigns cost less and have larger span of presence over Internet over time. The results of SEO are not instantaneous as with advertisements but they last much longer. Unlike advertisements you don’t have to pay every time someone clicks on your website, nor do you have to allocate a certain monetary amount toward advertising each month. Your consistent traffic and rankings will continue even if you eventually decide to stop your SEO campaign.

Why your Business should invest in SEO campaigns :-

1 ) Cost Effective :-

Compared to PPC traffic or Social Media Presence , SEO is very cost effective and it has larger span of presence.For example, if monitored correctly a link can drive more traffic if it has good Keyword Positioning.Once you rank well for certain keywords, with a little maintenance, your position is basically free and can continue indefinitely.

2 ) Increase in Mobile Computing :- 

There are chances that Mobile Data traffic is increasing at 30% per year. It opens a new market and a completely new opportunity for new and small businesses.

3 ) Web Presence and Building a Brand Identity around it :-

SEO makes sure that you have a web presence and you can structure your business strategy around it to build a Brand Identity. A good link has generally a great content that means, it has more chances to be shared on Social Media.

4) Measurable Marketing :- 

A small business needs to have measurable indices to have cost effective operations. SEO campaigns are measurable marketing operations and thus can drive more sustainability to a budding business.

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