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Devastate the US whirlwinds, 4 dead, dozens injured

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WASHINGTON:  The US state of Mississippi whirlwinds, causing the destruction caused accidents that killed 4 people and injured more than 50.

Devastate the US whirlwinds, 4 dead, dozens injuredDevastate the US whirlwinds, 4 dead, dozens injured

Devastate the US whirlwinds, 4 dead, dozens injured

Foreign media said US officials say the whirlwinds of the Mississippi in the south, everything has decimated, the storm caused more than 40 homes and buildings were damaged, trees and electric wires in many areas cut off power supply Traffic flow was affected. Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana 5 tornadoes were recorded. In Colombia, 80 percent of storm damaged area of ​​the communication system has no power supply, rain and storm destroyed the house number.

Mississippi Governor Bryant failure affected the most in 2 counties declared state of emergency. Jones and Marin counties named storm tornado destroyed several buildings in the exposed areas and disrupted power supply to thousands of users. According to local media 2 people dead in a mobile home was destroyed by a storm and tornado.

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