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Create a bootable USB flash drive for windows

How to Create USB bootable Drive Without Using Any Software help to install windows direct from usb very fast. To create a bootable USB drive manually, we need to use the Command Prompt as a Windows default program.

Bootable Usb making commands overview:

Open command prompt then 1. diskpart 2. list disk 3. select disk # 4. clean 5. create partition primary 6. select partition 1 7. active 8. format fs=fat32 9. assign

Step #1 go to search and type “cmd” and run as administrator a command prompt window will open in your desktop.

making usb bootable by enews

Step #2 As we will make usb bootable with diskpart command utility so type command “Diskpart” In the command prompt window.diskpart command guide by enews

Step #3 Now find the disks that you have installed on your computer for that just type command “list disk”.

list disk diskpart command by enews

Step #4 Now select usb dist from the displayed list of disk that are installed on your pc. to select disk type command “slect disk 1″ i have type disk 1 because my usb disk is 1 if you have many drives in your computer then you need to select your number of disk accordingly.

selecct disk command diskpart by enews

Step #5 Clean the usb drive by using Type command “clean” clean diskpart command by enews

Step #6 Next we are going to make partition bootable. Type command “create partition primary”

create partition primary

Step #7 Select new partition Type command “select partition 1” then press enter once partition selected then just type command “active”

select partition and active

Step #8 Format usb flash drive Type Command “format fs=fat32” it will take some time to format drive as it depends on the size of usb disk.

format fs=fat32 command

After the completing format of drive Type command “assign” to give drive later. and Type Command “Exit”

Step #9 Copy the operating system files into bootable flash drive. to make usb usable for installation of windows copy the installations files of windows disk into bootable usb drive. you simply copy and paste function of computer and you can use drop & drag function.

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