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ClicManager allows you to get your paps statistics, or click and cost gains, ad per ad and location by location to help advertisers optimize their ads and publishers to lay their site.Their advertisers have the opportunity to activate options enabling them to be displayed on the sites of their publishers with the best visibility.

Their AdServer able to offer the “viewable impressions” or CPM Visible. They work CPC and CPM for your campaigns on their network of 10,000 publishers. Their advertiser interface lets you start your campaign in minutes. With more than 1,500 active national advertisers on their network, they are able to target all subjects and bring good pub at the right visitors.

Clicmanager Ad Network Details

Type: CPC, CPM,  lead, CPA,CPL
Minimum Threshold: € 20
Payment Frequency: NET 15
Payment Method: Check, Wire, Paypal
Based Country: Fr.
Contact: Telephone:
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