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Click Exchange Palringo Guide 2016

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I’m admin of enews update & I’m Here To Show You the premium trick Of Making $1500+ a month with Google Adsense or other ppc ad networks with palringo chat messenger! This e-book is short and sweet against other e-books it won’t include much fluff filler talk.

Palringo trick enews udpate

Let’s get started shall we

Things You’ll Need to Make Money Online With enews update Premium Palringo Trick:

  • A Computer with a reliable ISP and dynamic IP.
  • Palringo (
  • Google Chrome (
  • A Couple Hours a DAY!

That’s it!
Let go to Lear About Premium Palringo Trick of enews update To Make Money Online.

Download Palringo Massenger For Computer/PC & Install On Your Computer:

Here you need to  join some groups like ads, adexchanger, adsense click exchanger on Palringo Category of business.

After Your In The Group, Say Hi To All The New Friends Your About To Make Money Exchange.

I will not take much time to tell you about the premium trick of palringo ad ppc exchange.

Commands Of Palringo To Do Exchange

“Ex” is short for “exchange”.

“Req” is short for “Request”.

“Imp” is short for “Impressions”.

“c” Is Short For “Click”.

When someone will send you “ex”, You send someone your ‘req’ and they will send you their ‘req’ (req = request)
Standard request will looks like this:

After the “Start:” a user will list their website URL. If a user requests “30 imps + 1c” that means 30 Page views + 1 Adclicks, You are required to view 30 “different pages” on that users site.

The page view and click be look natural. 

Once the exchange is finished, and you want to send proof to the other person for their verification.

Tips to send you proof.

Send proof without http:// or www. Like this *
Or NOT LIKE this

Once you’re done exchanging for the day, don’t forget to change you ip.

Tips to change your ip palringo exchange.

Just un-plug your DSL/Cable modem and wait 3 – 5 minutes.

don’t forget to verify that your IP address has indeed changed by visiting WhatIsMyIpAddress or login to your modem admin panel. Confirm that it has changed and then you’re ready to exchange for the next day!.

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