How To Change The Font Size in WordPress With HTML

Have there been times you wished you knew how to change the font size in WordPress? Of course there’s the “Paragraph” option which uses the Heading tags and results in text being larger or smaller (Don’t see your Paragraph option?.  However the search engines usually recognize the copy in the heading tags as being more relevant to the site and to the subject of the post.

So if you’d like another option for emphasizing a few words with some bigger text, or for adding a little note at the bottom of your post in smaller text, you can try this option instead using a quick bit of HTML code.

For the example below, we’ll be changing to a smaller size text.

You’ll want to switch to the “Text” view in your WordPress post, and then use the following:

<span style=”font-size: small;”>YOUR TEXT HERE</span>

This will result in your text appearing like so:


(of course you’ll be replacing the “YOUR TEXT HERE” in the code with whatever words you wish to appear in the different size).


Here’s the list of font sizes you can use in your code (including the small size we used above.) Simply replace the word “small” in the code with one of the other choices below to make the font smaller or larger:








And here’s how the final result will look in your WordPress post:

This is xx-small

This is x-small

This is medium

This is large

This is x-large

This is xx-large

Be sure to type the hyphen when using the xx-small, x-small, x-large, and xx-large,  rather than just typing xsmall or xxlarge.

So you don’t necessarily have to use the Paragraph option, or a plugin option, if you want to change the font size in WordPress.  Give this HTML code a try and you’ll find it’s a pretty quick and easy alternative that gives you the results you’re looking for.

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