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Capslock Network is a unique, young, multi-model agency that’s setting new trends in the Internet advertising space. With millions of impressions on the Capslock Network, and the unique facility to merge mobile, video and display advertising, we are uniquely positioned to zero in on your target audience. Being the front runners in online ad networks in India, Capslock Network is easy to scan and access media sources throughout the world to meet all your sales needs and ROI requirements.

Advertisers: Capslock Network offers the most advanced and targeted solutions for all their online advertising needs. We help generate leads, develop brand awareness and consequently drive sales. We are involved in every stage of planning and executing the optimal marketing strategy for your business, be it on a national or worldwide level.

Our deep understanding of technology as well as how the media works helps us in assisting you with the day to day running of our business and the optimisation of your campaigns. We are with you in every step of the campaign, including strategising, targeting and optimising.

Publishers: Capslock Network is the powerful tool that enables them to monetise their traffic and make their inventory smarter, thus turning their websites into a hot property on the web.

Capslock Network follows an advanced multiple publisher program which enables it to deliver focused audiences globally. Our aim is to offer publishers maximum revenue with the minimum hassle.

We are committed to getting publishers the most value for their traffic, the best quality advertisers with the right fit, the most modern technology, regular reports and a smooth payment system. If the publisher does not make money, nor does Capslock Network.

Capslock Network Details
Type: CPC /CPM
Minimum Threshold: $ 15
Payment Frequency: Net 45
Payment Method: Paypal, Check
Based Country: IN
Contact: Telephone:[email protected] Email:  +919949995580
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