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Bollywood’s most expensive film Baahubali

Written by eNews Update

Hndusdtan the historic battle of the most expensive Bollywood film Baahubali was released on Friday.

Costing two and a half billion made in this film are S.S Raja Mauli.

For the second part of the film’s release date has not come yet.

Critics Baahubali film 300 is being fought. Movie scenes were filmed with a big budget and special way fans are in the spotlight.

Baahubali the other big-budget Bollywood films are becoming.

In 2010 they released the film ‘reboot’ budget was $ 35 million Tamil, Hindi and Telugu languages ​​were presented.

Shah Rukh Khan film released in 2011, RAW un made big budget of $ 24 million.

2013’s Dhoom 3 the big budget of $ 15.7 million.

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