$25 Everyday From Blogspot Blog Here Is a Guide

Posted On Mar 29 2016 by
$25 Everyday From Blogspot Blog Here Is a Guide

Google’s Blogspot is a best platform for blogging, Like me there are millions of people who has started blogging from blogspot, Some has migrated there blogs to WordPress and some are still blogging in blogspot, I’m also blogging in blogspot because it’s easy and free platform. Make $25 Everyday From Blogspot Blogs After spending more time still you are not able to make money from your blog, You are getting frustrated and disappointed. I also started blogging in 2013 and started making money from 2015, these three years were frustrating for me.  Here i gonna share some strategic ways through which you can make at …

What Is Anchor Text Diversification

Posted On Mar 21 2016 by
Anchor Text

The anchor text is the clickable text that you see within the content of the blog/website and once you click on it, you’ll be directed to another page or blog post. Below is how a link with anchor text would look if you examine a blog’s HTML structure. For example: Download Latest Software However, as readers, you can see only the clickable part of the anchor text: Download Latest Software. By ‘dissecting’ the elements that constitute the anchor text structure: <a>This</a> is beginning and end of HTML link tag. http://www. bloggingehow.com is link destination location. Download Latest Software is anchor text.

Four Helpful Chrome Apps for Bloggers

Posted On Mar 2 2016 by
Helpful Chrome Apps

Do you use Google Chrome as your browser? Once I started using Chrome it quickly become my new favorite. My experience has been that it’s the fastest and most reliable browser that I’ve used so far.  I’ve bought a Chromebook too  . . . so yeah, I’m using Chrome a lot! I’ve been looking around the Chrome Web Store a little more lately and exploring what apps are available. Although they call it a “store”, so far every app I’ve investigated and/or downloaded has been free. I started out being rather unadventurous – I downloaded the Weather Channel App and a …

How To Submit A Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Posted On Mar 2 2016 by
Google Sitemap submit

Most bloggers are always looking for ways to keep bringing more traffic to their blogs. Most of us try to be very active on social media and keep sharing and promoting our blog posts on places like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to give them more exposure. But today we’re going to look at another strategy to help bring in more traffic and that’s through the search engines. When people are searching and typing queries into a search engine, we certainly want that search engine (Google for instance) to be able to find us when it’s returning search results.  We can …

How To Change The Font Size in WordPress With HTML

Posted On Mar 2 2016 by
Font Size in WordPress

Have there been times you wished you knew how to change the font size in WordPress? Of course there’s the “Paragraph” option which uses the Heading tags and results in text being larger or smaller (Don’t see your Paragraph option?.  However the search engines usually recognize the copy in the heading tags as being more relevant to the site and to the subject of the post. So if you’d like another option for emphasizing a few words with some bigger text, or for adding a little note at the bottom of your post in smaller text, you can try this option …

A Few Things I’ve Learned About Google Adsense

Posted On Mar 2 2016 by
Learned About Google Adsense

I’ve been intending to write a bit about Google Adsense for some time now but have always stopped because I’ve been using them for about four years and remember almost nothing about the particulars of getting started.  I used Google Blogger for the first couple years of blogging and getting started with Adsense was super simple on Blogger.  I think I got a popup message one time that said “Would you like to join the Adsense program?” and I clicked “Yes!”. And that was that. I pasted the ad codes in my sidebar and have been chugging along with Adsense …

How To Find Free Public Domain Images For Your Blog

Posted On Mar 2 2016 by
Public Domain Images

Most of the time I take my own photos for my blog.  Usually I write about a recipe I’ve made or a craft project I’ve whipped up and just snap pictures as I’m going along.  If it’s a subject that doesn’t have a project involved, then I often go to my favorite photo editing site, and just create a graphic of some sort.  I suspect that’s the case for many other bloggers as well. BUT – from time to time, I have a situation where I would just like to be able to find a nice photo online somewhere that …

JETPACK: Your IP has been flagged for potential security violations

Posted On Feb 29 2016 by

Jetpack’s new protect created a small disturbance in the new WordPress blog owners. As i am a new blogger on WordPress, i got affected with this new protect feature of JETPACK protect module (new). JETPACK is a giving 3 to 4 solutions which does not work for me. JETPACK methods can be viewed by clicking by “Find out more” on blocked page of your WordPress. So by experimenting few things, i just found out an easy solution. So let’s try unblock our WordPress site in the most easiest way. JETPACK Method 1 [Universal solution] : Doing it my way If you …

How To Add hreflang Tags In Blogger And Other Site

Posted On Feb 28 2016 by
Add hreflang Tags In Blogger

Hey guys do you know google uses hreflang tags to identify the language of any blog or website. By default in some blogger templates it is already added but in some templates it is unavailable due to which google cannot identify the language used in any blog or website. When you submit your website to the google webmaster then it is important to tell the google which language are you using in your blog? By default google uses hreflang tags to identify the language in a blog so i gonna tell you how to add this tag in your blogger template or …

How to add read more button in blogger posts

Posted On Feb 28 2016 by
How to add read more button in blogger posts

Most of newbies ask how to add “read more” button in blogger posts? Many of bloggers use different plugins and some of them use another blog template which shows posts list on home page. There is a very cool option in blogger platform to add a jump break between the written post. After writing 30-40 words you can add bump break on your post, after this write complete blog post and publish it. This is done, now open homepage of your blog. Using various plugins in blog causes more loading time of blog, which irritate users, this is not good for a blog …

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