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Bin Bucks is one of the best and trusted platforms in the online link publishing industry . Through us you are able to share great amount of links and can earn great profits at the same time . With an aim of providing the top rates for your links we act as a great pastebin in terms of your links . Our purpose is always to provide you a user friendly experience whenever you visit our site .
We operate in three ways and act as a medium to make you earn for livelihood, advertise your links through pasting and publish your work. Through the esteemed support and great coordination provided by our users we are able to bring reliable services to them.

Earning Method :
Whenever our users paste the link and share it through our website BinBucks we provide the relevant payment to them. Apart from it whenever there is a visit to the users paste on our site as per the visitors country we deposit the payment to our users account.
Through this process we are able to get the advertisers and we provide revenue in our users account. Hence we provide the user full flexibility.

Rules for Publisher:
> Unique IP is counted once per 24 hours, user must view the final page of the protected Paste/Link.
> User must solve CAPTCHA to get paid.
> You will be disqualified and banned if you try to manipulate our system.
> We reserve the right to modify the rewards program at any time without prior notice.
> Minimum payout amount is $5.
> Payment Method Bitcoin/Paypal/Payza.
> We pay for all countries traffic(Check Out Below Country/Rates).
Publisher Can Switch Account Tyep A TO B TO C.
1. Publisher have to create support ticket.
2. If they are running on Current Account A. So publisher have to wait for next payment invoice generate.
3. Account Type C Publisher have to create support ticket to switch account.
Check Account Type-B Publisher price. Same IP For Multiple Price.
Type A – Rates
Click Here For Type A Rates
Type B – Rates
Click Here For Type B Rates
Type C
> We don’t Paid for Account Type – C.
> User don’t have to Wait for CAPTCHA Solve.
> User can see their direct link without wait.
? But in some case we show Google Captcha to prevent attack from bots.

Binbucks Network Details
Type: CPC /CPM/ Linkshort
Minimum Threshout: $ 5
Payment Frequency: Request
Payment Method: Paypal, Bitcoin
Based Country: India
Contact: Email:[email protected]
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Written by Madassar Aslam

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