Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Leaked! Sambhavna Seth’s sex tape- watch video!

Sambhavna, Who is presently within the Bigg Boss house has been garnering attention for all the incorrect reasons
Former Bigg Boss contestant, Sambhavna Seth is within the Bigg Boss house once more, now competitive to win Bigg Boss Halla Bol. And as you would possibly already grasp, her second innings within the house has been packed with drama, all due to her constant fights with fellow contestant, Dimpy Ganguly.

To Associate in Nursing extent that Sambhavna became thus violent in one among her fights that she even threw her shoe at Dimpy. Farah Khan, the host of the show, additionally labelled her act as low-cost.

While Sambhavna is making an attempt to urge all the eye from the viewers, allow us to tell you that a video of her hot song from a C-grade Bhojpuri film, that she was a section of, is doing the rounds on the net.

Yes, Sambhavna may be a Bhojpuri actor, however she worked very had arduous time to urge the celebrity she has currently.

Here may be a video of a song from one among Sambhavna’s films, wherever you see plenty of affection creating between Sambhavna and her co-actor. Watch the video here!

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