Arjun and Sonakshi submit to award the worst “Kella Award”

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Mumbai:  Bollywood Sonakshi Sinha sturdy grill aurarjn Kapoor, his worst performance in 2014 thanks to the ‘Golden Banana’ awards after his name.

Sonakshi & Arjun

Sonakshi & Arjun

Awards for best actor or best performance you have heard, but surprisingly, Bollywood ‘worst’ performance awards are granted in New Delhi and the “Golden Banana Awards” colorful ceremony Sonakshi in which the award-winning film ‘Action Jackson, holiday and Lang, acting through its worst when accessed Arjun Kapoor’ Everything thugs and Avery Ellis’ worst performance due to their Banana Award.

Worst Film award at the Golden Banana Award “look” is the name of the Worst Film Director Award was won by Prabhu Deva.

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