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In the desire to create a new realistic and transparent practice of affiliation , their society Fidelys Interactive, creates Affiliaweb platform in early 2010. Therefore, they devote a great importance to to do their job with a certain ethic . That’s why their agency is committed ethically with you to a total blamelessness.

They make a point of honor to ensure full transparency about their customers performance and they are looking to ensure their maximum, to the extent possible, the compliance with payment conditions.They also wish to human practice of affiliation , so they know their customers personally and try to maintain, against them, some accessibility.

Here a personal counselor is assigned to you. It is aware of your file and your profile and allows more effective monitoring of their partnership. If you prefer to send them an email or if your request is not urgent, they provide the following form . They will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

Affiliaweb Ad Network Details

Minimum Threshold: €30
Payment Frequency: NET30
Payment Method: Paypal, Check, Wire
Based Country: FR
Contact: Telephone: +33(0)3 67 10 15 60
Email:[email protected]
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