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Advert Quick a PPC(pay per click) company. We’re a PPC Advertisement network, with the intention in only launching to all markets. Our object is to connect advertisers across the world. Why pay large fees for worldwide traffic. We are launching very soon with some exciting features. We allow high quality business and quality websites on our network, with strict ruling that applies to any website that submits to our network. We started operating in December 2013.

Publishers: Maximize your revenue using our technologies now, you’re in full control when you’re in our Platform, maximize your payments now. With our intensely smart advert distribution system, you can be sure that our adverts will suit your website and your audience. Have trouble making money off your website? We have the solution for you. We can offer you: Fast payments,Excellent client support,Multiple Ad Formats,Amazing referral program,Reports,Rich media ads,Daily Trends.

Advertisers: With Pay Per click advertising it’s a cost effective way to get your business out into the open market, bring in more sales and dominate the markets with your niche. AdvertQuick offers a premium and comprehensive service to you as a webmaster. You have complete control over your campaign. We are powered by new and revolutionizing technologies to help your campaign and your agency succeed. If you’re looking for a new, revolutionizing way to get your brand out now, why not give us a try?

AdvertQuick Network Details
Type: PPC, CPC,CPM, Mobile
Minimum Threshold: £15
Payment Frequency: Net 15, Request
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire, Cheque
Based Country: US
Contact: Telephone:  5748-544-251
Email: [email protected]
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