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Adversal Network control your ad space and you shall never have to worry about your inventory going unsold again. RTB  allows advertising inventory to be auctioned off in real-time to continually manage the balance between supply and demand. The benefits are realized on both ends. we offer a 100% fill rate, but also the highest eCPM available for your inventory as your ad space will be bid on by 100’s of direct advertisers, demand partners, DSPs, and major exchanges.

Our various ad formats and targeting options can assist you drive traffic, increase presence, target customers, and even build brand awareness. Let our system take the guess work out of campaign management. Easily manage multiple campaigns, set daily caps, view stats, and even have campaigns auto-recharged upon completion.

Adversal Network Details
Minimum Threshold: $ 20
Payment Frequency: NET 15
Payment Method: Paypal,Cheque
Based Country: IN
Contact: Telephone: 317-218-4494
Email:[email protected]
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Adversal payment proof:

Adversal payment proof

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