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Adtall is a performance-based and cost-effective advertising platform where advertisers boost their online sales while publishers monetize their websites. Adtall offers CPC/PPC and CPM campaign models through Banner, Interstitial or Text Ads on the websites of her premium publishers. Advertisers can sell their ads to publishers who will in turn return converting traffic. Advertisers need to place ads, configure target audience and set budget. Publishers need to generate ad codes of desired dimensions. Advertisers are guaranteed better returns from their ads while publishers increase their ad revenues.

Publishers:  Create and place our ad codes on your websites to monetize your traffic. You will get paid for every valid clicks from your websites in case of PPC and earn more on CPM impressions delivered to our advertisers. Our system ensures maximum revenue possible at any given time by rendering ads from highest bidders to your websites.

Advertisers:  romote your business and increase online sales by using our performance-based and cost-effective PPC/CPC and CPM advertising platform. Adtall allows you to generate top quality leads to your websites, products or services. Your ads will enjoy widespread global reach through our vast pools of premium publishers.

Adtall Network Details
Minimum Threshold: Nil
Payment Frequency:
Based Country: United  Kingdom
Contact: Telephone: +44.74.5959.3893
Email: [email protected]
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