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Adprotected is a agency founded in Viet Nam whose primary object is that you monetize your whole website in the most optimal way possible. The aim of our company is the safety and quality customer service must be top priority. Adprotected is operated by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the worldwide advertising market with a team young and enthusiastic technicians to build a proprietary ad platform brings maximum value for our customers. The project started back in 2012, but in 2013 it turned into a agency.

We have a self-service platform in which you can choose where, when and in what kind of website you desire to advertise. We offer competitive prices and excellent customer service for any campaign.Maximise the value of your content, We will monetise your entire inventory across all platforms. Our system uses advanced technologies to optimize to achieve the highest revenue per impression.

We know what is important to you we answers to your doubts! Your feedback will be used to continously improve our products. Contact Us

Adprotected Network Details
Type: CPM, CPC, POP-Under
Minimum Threshold: $ 50
Payment Frequency: Net 30
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire
Based Country: Viet Nam
Contact: Telephone:
Email: [email protected]
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Adprotected Payment Proof:

Adprotected Payment Proof



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