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Adonly ad network is a leading advertising platform that allows publishers and advertisers to reach the international market using outstanding technology combined with advanced targeting capabilities over display, mobile phone and inventory then monitoring, analyzing and improving results.

Founded by an experienced team in internet marketing, technology and business development. AdOnly’s proprietary technology uses multiple optimization methodologies to yield the highest ROI possibly for advertisers and maximum profit for publishers. AdOnly’s network has reached over 1 billion impressions per month globaly, combined with advanced targeting capabilities over display, mobile and social inventory.

Publishers Features: AdOnly helps website owners make use of any position to sell ads,AdOnly system is built on the basis of understanding the publishers,AdOnly Report ensures the accuracy of data,AdOnly brings revenue to web owner and does not limit the ability of other collaboration of website.donly supports payment with the threshold of $10. You can get paid via Paypal/ Payza/Bank transfer/ Payoneer,The ads are displayed suitably to the website’s content, AdOnly accepts almost all languages and traffic all around the world.

Advertisers Features: AdOnly help our customers target advertising with low cost but achieve high efficiency,Publisher’s websites are carefully considered to meet AdOnly’s requirements about website content and traffic,advertising campaigns such as CPC- CPM- CPI- CPA- Pop-unders.AdOnly provides the best safeguards to advertisers to prevent fraud on impressions or clicks,customers actively manage campaign and report data accurately,we are always hard-working to support customer 24/7.

Adonly Network Details
Type: CPM,CPC,Pop-up
Minimum Threshold: $ 10
Payment Frequency: Request
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire, Payoneer, Payza
Based Country: Vietnam
Contact: Telephone: +84 – 1233 – 456 – 765
Email:[email protected]
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Adonly Payment Proof: 

Adonly Payment Proof

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