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It is very important to submit website/blog into Google webmaster tools to optimize for search engines. In this article you can learn that how to add a website/blog to Google Webmaster Tools along with site map.

google webmaster tools

Google Webmaster

How to submit website/blog to Google Webmaster Tools.

Open google webmaster tools website in a browser and sign with google account. Google will ask you to add URL of your website. Now google will ask you to verify URL by using HTML file upload to your web server in recommended method.

  • Download HTML file in your computer, upload HTML file on provided domain home folder Public_HTML.
  • Next step is to check that a file uploaded correctly or not.
  • Open your website/blog in a browser with file name you have uploaded.
  • Click Verify button.
Verify a website with ggoogle webmaster tools

Verify a website with google webmaster.

How To Verify Website Into Webmaster Tools By Using Alternative Ways.

If you want to use alternative method to verify your website/blog, here is currently  Google webmaster Tools providing 4 alternative ways to verify a website/blog.

  • By pasting HTML tag to website/blog home page.
  • By signing in into domain name provider account.
  • By using Google Analytics Account.
  • By Using Google Tag Manager Account.
Alternative Method To Verify a website to google webmaster tools

Alternative Method To Verify a website blog with Google Webmaster.

Verify Using HTML tag add a meta tag to your site’s home page.

  •  Copy the meta tag, paste it into your site’s home page. Meta Tag should be place in <head> section before the first <body> section.

Check Example.



Here Meta Tag will be placed

<title> My title </title>


page contents



  • Click Verify Button.

Domain name provider. Sign in to your domain name provider.

Google will show drop-down option to select your domain name provider. Select your domain name provider and click on verify button a window will open to get you details follow the given instructions from your domain name provider to verify with Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Analytics. Use your Google Analytics account.

  • You must be using the asynchronous tracking code.
  • Your tracking code should be in the <head> section of your page.
  • You must have the “edit” permission for the Analytics web property.

Note. The Google Analytics tracking code is used only to verify site ownership. No Google Analytics data will be accessed.

If you have placed your google analytics code on your webpage you can verify by using this optoin.

  • click verify.

Google Tag Manager. Use your Google Tag Manager account.

  • You must be using the container snippet.
  • You must have the “manage” permission for the Tag Manager container.

Note. The Google Tag Manager container ID is used only to verify site ownership. No Google Tag Manager data will be accessed.

  • Click Verify.

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