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Adcy is a part of Adcy deals with Search and Display models of Advertising. Adcy also got its variety of Advertisers and Publishers. Adcy runs media campaigns in the fastest growing, highest volume, most complex areas of digital advertising.

Publishers: Adcy publisher solutions increase site revenue through targeted advertising inventory and innovative technology. Adcy provides publishers numerous channels to monetize their traffic. These channels include Text, Display and Search. Through a simple user interface, Adcy publisher program provides access to a rich inventory and variety of advertisers. Publishers generate revenue based on qualified traffic, which your traffic sources generate for Adcy’s advertisers.

Advertisers: Advertising on Adcy will connect you to customers through a variety of channels and formats, all designed to meet your specific campaign goals. Each month, Adcy reaches 100 million unique visitors. We manage more than 40 billion monthly page views through our network of 100+ traffic sources. Your ads can appear both in the US and worldwide. Adcy insures your campaign receives only the highest valued traffic.

Adcy Network Details
Minimum Threshold: $ 0
Payment Frequency: Net 45
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire
Based Country: India
Contact: Telephone: +918880806496
Email:  [email protected]
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