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Adcrowd was established in 2012, and has grown into the largest self-service retargeting platform in The Netherlands over the past few years. Adcrowd has made display advertising, and retargeting in particular, approachable for every advertiser. Nowadays, Adcrowd daily hosts 2.500 advertisers that desires to use the platform. With a global reach of more than 98% lost visitors can be reached anywhere on the web.


  1. Largest retargeting platform in the Netherlands
  2. Quick support from our campaign specialists
  3. No responsibility or subscription
  4. Complete control over your budget and campaign
  5. Lowest CPMs, impressive ROI
  6. Optimise your returns with smart segmentation
  7. All reports in one dashboard
  8. Worldw reach across all major ad auctions
  9. Live in 5 simple steps
Adcrowd Network Details
Type: CPM
Minimum Threshold: € 25
Payment Frequency: automatic payment or manual payment
Payment Method: creditcard, iDeal, bank transfer
Based Country: NL
Contact: T: +31 20 20 44 541
E: [email protected]
S: [email protected]
S: [email protected]
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