Ad Network is the largest search marketplace outside the major search networks and the only digital advertising solution leveraging first-party search data to drive performance in display and video advertising. They extends the campaigns of advertisers from traditional search networks and leverages an automated bidding platform to scale campaigns efficiently and methodically.

Capturing extensive first-party search data, the company has developed a completely unique solution for audience targeting in additional channels. Founded over 12 years ago and headquartered in Los Angeles. Led by an internet search pioneer, the agency is devoted to developing additional solutions, deepening its programmatic capabilities and ensuring exceptional service to meet the digital advertising needs of advertisers ranging from Fortune 100 brands to SMBs.

 They automates media and publisher buying and bidding, and automatically optimizes campaign performance across multiple channels. Their Account Management and Ad Operations teams provide daily campaign oversight and constant account servicing.Interested in seeing a media plan for your advertising campaign? Learn more about an open position? Connect with their business development team to discuss integration with your web site ! Ad Network Details

Type: Domain, Email, Pop-Up & Search
Minimum Threshold: $ 100
Payment Frequency: NET30
Payment Method: Cheque
Based Country: US
Contact: Telephone: (888) 632-8640
Email:[email protected]
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