8th class pass professor teaching in india since from three years

Malappuram district of Tamil Nadu recently a professor arrested Kanchi.

Ravi Kumar Reddy, a professor in the College of Engineering was engaged in teaching for three years. Three years after the arrest of the students revealed their power systems professor who taught PhD degree holder but has only eight grade! And his real name is Ashok Kumar Chaudhary.

Ashok middle school to study, how to Professor Ravi Kumar Reddy? This question is for many aspects. Intelligence to prove a point that does not require a degree, but the intelligence, the cloak of fraud does not, then good result in this case.

After the arrest of 35-year-old professor, his story to the police. Ashok was very poor family hardly get two meals to residents when it comes to spending Ashok reading is taken.Therefore they could not study beyond middle. I was reading in the heart of Ashok dedication. Nature had given her intelligence. To contribute to household expenses Ashok was a store employee. His work here was to photocopy. Shop was near the college. Make photocopies for students to come to the store. Ashok often have to photocopy their books were left. For an additional copy of these books Ashok was forged. I had time to read these books.

This lasted for several years. Copies of books in turn extend the qualifications of Ashok. Now in terms of qualifications and graduate student Ashok any less intelligent, but for a custom to prove his intelligence he had no degree or certificate. It was here that in mind, why not be a fake degree.

Eight Class Pass Professor In India

Eight Class Pass Professor In India

Initially, a technical institute, he made fake diploma. Fake diplomas based on their qualifications and got a job in a private company. The desire to live honorably and development by Ashok’s heart rate was highest. He was motivated by the desire of the MSc degree fake and was employed at a good position in a multinational company. During the Master in Business Administration (MBA) also be ” was.

Shortly after he arrived in Delhi and the Institute of Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) began to prepare for the course. Ashok the Institute of intelligence, one year after completion of the course, it took a part-time teacher. Meanwhile Ashok Bangalore-based Indian Institute of Sciences made fake PhD degree. Power Systems certified according to the article controls. He graduated from Ravi Kumar Reddy had made. Before graduating, he changed his name legally Ravi Kumar Reddy was taken. The institution of the same name has a PhD degree was. Considering the profile of Ashok had made fake certificate.

Fake PhD degree based Ashok, who was Ravi Kumar, a professor in the College of Engineering in May 2012 found a job sleep. His monthly salary was fixed at one hundred twelve thousand. For three years she taught it was healing. Fellow teachers and students were very impressed with his ability. It was regarded as one of the best teachers in your department.

Still Ravi Kumar consumer Then two weeks ago when the Indian Institute of Sciences, some teachers came to see him.Ravi refused to meet the guise of engagement. Teachers real fears that it will recognize Ravi Kumar. I feared it was accurate. Ravi Kumar refused to doubt guest teachers. They both educational institutions on the Internet (Indian Institute of Engineering Sciences and the Soviet College), Ravi kumar profile checked. As a result of this effort was revealed that the profile of both was the same, just the picture was different. He immediately informed the police. The Ashok Chowdhury honorable life was shattered dreams would come true.

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