7 Reasons Your Blog Needs to Be on Social Media

If you were to compile a list of things that frustrate bloggers, I’m pretty sure that social media would make the list. Not only is social media incredibly time consuming, but all of the constant algorithm changes make it a very unpredictable and oftentimes frustrating platform. Add in all of the new platforms emerging on a regular basis and it’s not hard to see why bloggers frequently wonder if social media is even worth it anymore.

Don’t cancel all of your accounts just yet, however. Social media may be frustrating, but it can’t simply be ignored. Here are seven reasons why your blog needs to be on social media.

1. Social Media is a Great Place to Find New Readers

If you’re sitting back waiting for new readers to stumble upon your blog, you’re going to be waiting a long time. You have to take your blog where your potential readers already are–and that means social media. When your current friends and followers like, comment on or share your posts, it shows up to their friends and followers, who then have the chance to follow you too.

2. It’s a Great Way to Get Your Content Out to Your Current Followers

While social media may not be the most predictable way of getting your content in front of your readers, it is still a very valid way. Plus, for those readers who follow you on social media but haven’t signed up for your email newsletter yet, seeing your latest posts in their social media feeds is the ONLY way they are likely to see your posts.

3. You Can Get to Know (And Better Serve) Your Audience

Who are your readers? What do they like? What do they struggle with? While periodic surveys are a great way to get to know more about your readers, nothing will give you insights into what your readers are into these days than watching how they behave on social media.

4. You Can Develop Closer Relationships With Your Readers

Would you rather have 1,000 followers who barely knew who you were or 500 fans who absolutely loved you and your site? While you will always have some followers who don’t engage, interacting with readers on social media is a great way to develop deeper relationships and turn average followers into committed and enthusiastic fans.

5. You Can Network with Other Bloggers to Learn and Grow

While blogging may seem like a one-man show most of the time, the truth is that if you really want to succeed, you can’t do it alone. Social media is a great way to connect with other bloggers to learn more about your topic and blogging in general, to ask questions and give advice, and to find opportunities for guest posting or money-making opportunities.

6. Your Income Potential Will Increase

Whether or not you ever plan to monetize your social media specifically, the truth is that if you ever hope to monetize your blog at all, having a good social media following will help you tremendously. Many sponsors require a certain number of social media followers to consider you for a campaign, and if you ever try to sell a product or launch your own, the bigger platform you have, the better.

7. Your Posts Have a Greater Potential to Go Viral

While slow and steady will ultimately win the race, I highly doubt there are many bloggers out there who wouldn’t love to go viral. And how do you go viral? By social media. And while you could wait for others to stumble across your pins and start sharing, you’re going to have much better success if you start the ball rolling yourself.

Social media may be frustrating, but quitting altogether is rarely the answer. Instead of blaming social media for your lack of reach, embrace it and find ways to conquer it! Yes, it takes hard work, but it CAN be done! And it is definitely worth the effort when done right.

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