4 Best CPM Pop-ads, Pop-unders ad networks

Making a movies blog, downloading site or an online movies website is not difficult. You can also get traffic to it somehow but earning from it is one of the most difficult things as the content is not unique, so ad networks do not give a suitable amount cpm and CPC rates.

Even though your traffic is good and you are averaging thousands of views daily, your earnings are still going to be in cents. To make the cents into dollars. PoP ads and pop under advertisements are the best way to generate more revenue from an online movies, downloading softwares blog/website. It provides more revenue, more rates but the sad part is , there are not many good, decent paying pop under ads network now.

I have also owned and worked on a on blogger and i had decent middle average traffic. I was not earning good revenue daily. So i switched to pop ads under network and watched my revenue grow day by day.

These are some of the top best POP-Under ads for Online Movies, downloading Websites/Blogs. And the best Adsense alternatives for online streaming movies websites and blogs.


PopAds.Net is one of the best top paying high CPM pop under ads network for blog/website. The best part is that Joining Popads is pretty easy. There are no tough requirements. Any website with any traffic is accepted. Their cpm rates are the best. Ranging from 1$ to 4+$ . The first time i used Popads code into my website. I regretted that i had been missing on so much. I have currently earned more than 100+$ from them and am continuing to earn more.

The minimum amount payout is just 5$ and there is no frequency gap. All the payments are made on time and made every day on demand. The best thing is that you can also choose how many pop-ads and pop-unders to view to your visitors.


If you want banner advertisement along with your Pop under ads for your blog/website but don’t want to manage separate ads network then Revenuehits is the best. I’ve tried revenue hits and there pop under’s cpm rate is pretty decent. 1$ + (some cents less from popads). My priority is for popads.net because i dont use banner advertising.

But if you want to give a boost to your revenue then try revenue hits for your movie website. Like popads, Getting accepted into revenue hits is pretty easy. Just register using your site and you are in.

For beginner the payout can be a little disturbing. Revenue hits current payout for minimum amount is 50$. I know it’s hard to earn if you are starting but you get great things if you wait.

Propeller Ads Media

Like revenue hits Propeller ads network is also a good hit to your movies website adsense alternatives. Propeller ads is a banner + Pop Unders advertising service. They claim that they give the best revenue and optimize the advertisements based on the first 3-4 days performance. So for maximum revenue and cpm + cpc from propeller ads media. You should wait for at least a week. After a week, if they are not giving you much, you can always switch to revenue hits or Popads.

The registration is quite easy. Almost every type of website gets accepted. The minimum payout is also 50$ which is a lot for beginners. Its famous about propeller ads that they count more impressions from pop unders and banner ads.


Although i  have just started using Matomy ads media. It will take some time to really get an inside on matomy for movie websites. It is a popunder + banner ad network. Although matomy is a little strict in accepting sites. But not really that strick.

You can participate in their 3 programs. Affiliate program, Ad program and offerwall program. For  your type of site, ad program is the best. They mail you a pdf file with your ad codes to use in your website and revenues reports can be checked online on their website when you log in.

There minimum payout is also 50$. Their popunders rates are great and they also show you the amount of conversions for which you get paid. So you get a good insight on how well your site is performing.

These were the 4 best pop under ad networks for blog/websites. They apply to both newbies and pros. Remember that you should not expect hundreds of dollars every day. Just try to concentrate on getting organic and good traffic. Your revenues and rates will increase automatically.

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