3 Easy and Effective Tips to Grow Your Email List

If you want to grow your audience and increase traffic to your blog, then it is crucial that you spend time building your subscriber list. Having an email list is one of the most effective tools to reach your audience. This aspect of blogging is often overlooked because of the time it takes to write content, promote posts, interact on social media, and even edit pictures along with the other long list of daily tasks that bloggers complete.

Your email list is an essential part of your blog. It gives you the opportunity to build a connection with your readers and helps you to convert inactive readers into active ones. Your priority needs to be figuring out a growth strategy and developing ways that you can increase the amount of people on your list. This can definitely be challenging. I have put together a list of tips that you can utilize as a part of your growth strategy.

Are you ready to grow your email list? Some of these tactics may seem extremely simple, but take the time to work through each one to increase your email subscriber list.

1. Make it Easy to Sign Up

You need it to be extremely simple for people to signup for your list. Start by choosing the right locations to place your sign-up boxes, or links, on your blog. A few key places to consider include having a navigation bar at the very top of your blog, a featured box in your sidebar, a link or image after your posts, or even using a pop-up box.

Try to ask for their email address at every opportunity possible without overdoing it. You want to have a clear call-to-action that is easy for your readers to understand and complete.

2. Offer an Incentive

One of the best ways to rapidly increase your email list is by offering an incentive. Your opt-in bribe needs to be something that is relevant to your blog and will provide value to your audience. Readers will be much more likely to sign up for your list when you are offering an incentive.

This does not need to be anything extensive or elaborate. A few examples to get you started include a cheat sheet, video, PDF, infographic or even a workbook. The key is perceived value. Your reader’s email address is important, so if they can see that your incentive will be useful for them then they will signup and subscribe to your list.

If you are having trouble coming up with an opt-in bribe consider your target audience’s interest. Is there a problem you can solve or a question they are frequently asking? Create something that will be informative or instructional for your readers.

3. Use Social Media

Promote your subscriber incentive on your social media channels and utilize their methods to increase your list. For example, Facebook allows you to have a separate tab on your page where you can embed a subscriber box. Or even consider making a pin-worthy image to go along with your incentive and promote it on Pinterest.

The process of building your subscriber list will rely heavily on testing. Everything you do will be on a trial and error basis. You may be surprised to see how much a simple tweak like changing the color of your subscribe box can make to increase the amount of signups.

When you have people who have opted in to your list because they enjoy your content it will be much easier to drive them to read your blog. They are also much more likely to read your emails and click through to your posts.

Do you have an email list? Are you getting many sign ups? What methods have you tried so far?

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