$25 Everyday From Blogspot Blog Here Is a Guide

Google’s Blogspot is a best platform for blogging, Like me there are millions of people who has started blogging from blogspot, Some has migrated there blogs to WordPress and some are still blogging in blogspot, I’m also blogging in blogspot because it’s easy and free platform.

Make $25 Everyday From Blogspot Blogs

After spending more time still you are not able to make money from your blog, You are getting frustrated and disappointed. I also started blogging in 2013 and started making money from 2015, these three years were frustrating for me.  Here i gonna share some strategic ways through which you can make at least $25 from your blog.
$25 Everyday From Blogspot Blog Here Is a Guide

What you will be needed ?

  • You need a blog with well written articles.
  • Your blog should be updated at least 3 times in a day (Google Loves Updated Blogs)
  • You must have 70% visitors from Search Engines.
  • You should have an Adsense Account or other Ad programs like Madadsmedia, Adversal, Infolinks, BidCPM or Media.net.
  • A Facebook page in which you must have at least 10k followers.

What to do If You don’t qualify above requirements

  • You can purchase articles, There are thousands of places in web which provides paid articles for bloggers, You can directly purchase articles from them.
  • To update your blog 3-4 times a day you can publish your articles within proper interval of time.
  • To get 70% users from search engines you can submit your blog’s sitemap to different search engines like Google, Bing, Focus on creating Backlinks.
  • You can apply for google adsense program, Don’t worry if you cannot get approval. There are Many companies which provides Google Adsense services in partnership, These companies are google’s certified partners.
  • To get more followers on facebook page, Join various groups in facebook and share the link of your page, You can spend some money to get more followers faster.

How Can You Earn $25 Everyday

News is a best topic because you can get a new news every minute and can update your blog every minutes. Keep Remember Always, Google always put those blogs up in search engines which get updated every hour.
share news in facebook pages, Spend more time to build backlinks, Try to get more pageviews in your articles. If you follow all these things you will earn more surely.

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