Dealing with off-topic posts as a host

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by
OffTopic post

Since it’s very easy to submit posts to blog carnivals, the “barrier to entry” for the submitter is pretty low.  This can be a pain for the person hosting a carnival, since the host has to wade through a bunch of irrelevant submissions as the blog carnival is being assembled. As a host there are a few ways of handling off-topic posts: Silently exclude the post.  Just don’t include a particular post.  Maybe state in the carnival that there were a few off-topic posts submitted to your edition that weren’t included.  See if you hear from the submitter. Exclude the …

What is a blog carnival?

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by
What is a blog carnival

Okay, now that you stumbled across this site, you’re probably wondering what the heck’s a blog carnival! A blog carnival is a periodically-published traveling blog post that contains links to other blog posts dealing with a specific topic. The blog carnival gets its name from its traveling nature; a blog carnival travels from blog to blog, much like a real-life carnival travels from town to town. A blog carnival is appealing to readers that have a specific topic that they’re interested in, such as personal finance, debt reduction, investing, frugality, capitalism, and recipes, to name just a few. It’s a …

Consider choosing quality over quantity

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by
quantity or quality

Free Money Finance has started up a new blog carnival that turns its back on quantity.  The Best of Money Carnival, by definition, is limited to only ten posts each week.  FMF even throws in some perqs:  $1,000 donated to charity for the best post of the year and for the best host of the year, plus ten automatic entries into his wildly popular Personal Finance March Madness competition. This is refreshing.  A lot of blog carnivals are becoming nothing more than link dumps.  Hosts have had it, and managers have had it. Some of the advantages of a limited-post, …

An unfortunate reality of hosting a blog carnival

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by

The larger benefit goes to the people who submit to the carnivals rather than to the people who put forth all of the effort to host them. A number of bloggers I respect have figured this out already, and they’re fairly reluctant to host a carnival anymore. They understand the benefit of regular submission to blog carnivals: free backlinks. The host gets a few things out of the carnival, mainly a little bit of traffic over the course of the week that they host the carnival, and a bit of exposure for their blog. The people who submit to the carnival …

10 Important Facts That You Should Know About Online Money

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by
10 Important Facts Online Money

As i think you all want to make money online and also you search lots of website for this but less knowledge about online money making makes major impact on you , Many times many people loose big money in focus to make money online. Many website showing claim that they will show you to make thousands of $$$$ in some very easy steps with in a day. All things considered, all these are simply  traps to believe you in thinking making cash online is simple. So here i am going to discuss some important facts about online money with …

Are You Ready For Create a Blog?

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by
are you create blog

This blog contains  Are You Ready For Create a Blog . So you think to start blogging to make you online visible and wants to be a blogging Super Star. Gain the easy revenue on the web, do what you cherish, motivate individuals and work just a couple of hours a day? I knew the same felling because i also gone through from this stage.The excitement is absolutely there, to make a successful Poupler BLOG. A few bloggers think its gonna be simple, that you will need to just simply apply a few strategies and computerize everything.. At that point the …

Monetize Your Blog Can Be A Disaster If You Neglect These 6 Rules

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by
6 Rules while Monetizing

In the today era blogging becomes more popular & you can read WHY? And every Blogger wants to make decent money from their blog even they have minimum traffic to blog. So that for a good blog traffic plays very important role. In the blogging if your principle is to profit out of your site, then doubtlessly you need to focus on adapting part likewise as how importance you provide for article  advancement and SEO. In last post I write at the end : How to monetize My BLOG, 6 Rules while Monetizing your BLOG: Rule 1 : CPC (Cost Per Click) …

Top 5 SEO Mistakes

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by
Top 5 SEO Mistakes

#5. Keyword Stuffing This is a hot button in SEO circles. Just how many key words is too many keywords?  At which point does it become spam?  Funnily enough Google itself has answered this question directly!: The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later. What Matt Cutts is basically saying here is that modern search engines don’t actually reward unnatural “copy” anymore, and it’s been many years since they have. There is no “keyword density magic number” and we recommend just avoiding this entire philosophy. If you have good relevant content, great on-site optimization, and are …

The Dirty Truths About Search Engine Optimization

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by
Search Engine Optimization

Here we’re going to shine a bright light onto the areas that SEO companies *do not* typically like to discuss with their customers, and leverage our experience in the area to concisely explain “the situation” to those that are newer to SEO. 7. In Medium-High & Highly Competitive Business Search Terms – NOBODY on the front page of results is using completely “natural” and totally strict “white-hat” SEO techniques. The reality for the most valuable search terms that are worth many $ in business for each ranking placement up is that all the results on the front page are the …

Professional web design dos and donts

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by
dos and donts

When creating a website, one of the first things you should consider is the design. The design can make or break the effectiveness of your website. As a designer, there are certain things you should consider to keep the attention of your website’s visitors. Big, flashy backgrounds and animations can arouse their interest, but they are not enough to keep visitors going to the right direction. To secure the effectiveness of your design, here are several dos and don’ts to remember. DOs Keep the page structured If you notice, more and more web designers are following the same structure and …

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