2016 Toyota Prius Improvements

2016 Toyota Prius Improvements We saw the spy shots, we saw the car personally, however now’s after we finally begin to induce some actual details concerning what is going on on underneath the hood of the new 2016 Toyota Prius. we tend to knew that the fourth-gen version of the world’s most well liked hybrid are engineered on Toyota’s new TNGA platform, however currently we have got contemporary data that helps make a case for somewhat however the new Prius can go ten p.c higher fuel economy or around fifty five miles per gallon. The short version: immeasurable very little enhancements everyplace.


One of the massive technical highlights is that the extremely economical internal-combustion engine. Toyota says that it’s a “maximum thermal potency of forty p.c.” Compare this to a mean thermal potency of 25-30 p.c for many fashionable gas engines. Toyota says its engineers were able to improve the engine during this manner through higher exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system also as “improvements in combustion potency.” Lower friction within the moving bits (in half from a low-viscosity oil) helps, too. The new Prius can, for the primary time, escort a alternative of lithium-ion or a brand new nickel-metal binary compound battery. we have a tendency to assume that the li-ion pack is destined for the Eco trim level, which could get one thing like sixty mpg. There ar additional details within the promulgation, below.

If you are not as involved concerning however the new Prius gets higher fuel economy numbers than the previous version, then maybe you will be inquisitive about hearing that Toyota says this ecomobile has “impressive driving dynamics.” We’ll ought to pay a while behind the wheel to envision if this claim is true, however Toyota says that the TNGA chassis enlarged body torsional rigidity by over sixty p.c. have a say a lower center of gravity, a brand new double furcula rear suspension, and additional high-tensile strength steel and you a minimum of have the ingredients for a Prius that does not “drive sort of a Prius.” Toyota did say, years ago, that it wished to form this new generation Prius additional heart athletics. Did it succeed? we tend to shall see.

Toyota Unveils Advanced Technologies in All-New Prius Prius to possess highest fuel economy of any vehicle while not a plug

• 1.8-liter VVT-i engine achieves forty p.c thermal potency
• Full hybrid system elements are created smaller and lighter, as well as the electrical motor, transaxle, power management unit and hybrid battery
• recently developed lithium-ion or nickel-metal binary compound batteries
• Toyota New world design (TNGA) chassis delivers spectacular driving dynamics
• Toyota Safety Sense system on the market among alternative safety enhancements

TORRANCE, Calif., October 12, 2015 – – In its fourth generation, the Toyota Prius is ready to require on new markets with groundbreaking environmental performance, a classy new style, and a fun-to-drive spirit. Today, Toyota is proud to unveil the technological advances that change its hybrid flagship to interrupt the mould whereas still remaining faithful type. Toyota has created vital enhancements in its new generation full hybrid powertrain, reducing losses, redesigning and relocating key elements and reducing weight. intensive changes to the transaxle, engine and combined hybrid system, generate an expected ten p.c improvement in independent agency calculable MPG on core models, with Associate in Nursing Eco model which will succeed a good bigger improvement. Engine with unprecedented Thermal potency The new Prius retains the established one.8-liter VVT-i internal-combustion engine, however, the engine has been utterly re-engineered, with exceptional leads to terms of performance, fuel economy, and reductions to size and weight. The new engine achieves a ground-breaking most thermal potency of forty p.c. This improvement was enabled partly through the utilization of a large-volume exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system and enhancements in combustion potency. in addition, a redesigned air intake port improves flow within the combustion chamber, whereas the agent passages are redesigned to optimize internal engine temperature. The friction created by the piston skirts, rotating components and therefore the pump has been reduced, whereas the utilization of low-viscosity oil reduces friction between slippery engine elements.

Fuel potency is additionally boosted by enhancements to heating performance. an energetic grille shutter has been added to open and shut the grille as necessary in response to outside temperatures. The exhaust heat recirculation system has conjointly been improved and created additional compact. This recycles exhaust heat from the engine into the agent to be reused within the heaters and to heat the engine. weather condition fuel potency has conjointly been improved by introducing an engine agent selector valve and adding a brand new system that accelerates engine heating.

Transaxle and motor

The transaxle and motor are redesigned, delivering a discount in their combined weight. The motor itself is significantly additional compact and gains an improved power-to-weight quantitative relation. Notably there’s a twenty p.c reduction in mechanical losses through friction compared to the previous model. The planet wheel arrangement within the geartrain has been replaced with parallel gears, that any helps loss reduction.

Power management Unit

The use of a loss-reduction device within the power management unit cuts losses by concerning twenty p.c. With a additional compact style, the unit will currently be positioned directly on top of the transaxle.

New Lithium-Ion or Nickel-Metal binary compound Hybrid Batteries

The new Prius are on the market with either a brand new lithium-ion or a brand new nickel-metal binary compound hybrid battery. whereas the batteries use established technology, Toyota has succeeded in increasing their energy density, which implies additional power will be obtained from a smaller unit. This successively has allowed the battery to be settled at a lower place the rear seat, increasing loading house.

A Hybrid that Handles

The TNGA thought delivers a rise of over sixty p.c in body torsional rigidity, compared to the previous model, by exploitation optical maser Screw fastening (with a bigger variety of weld points), structural adhesives and unambiguously formed frame structures. additionally, the quantity of high-tensile strength steel has enlarged from three p.c to a formidable nineteen p.c. mix these enhancements with its new double furcula rear suspension and a lower center of gravity, and therefore the result’s a hybrid with a colorful ride.

New updates to the hybrid system software package improve the texture of acceleration, giving a swish and direct response during a lower revolutions per minute vary. to enhance brake feel and scale back noise, the all-new Prius utilizes a newly-developed active hydraulic booster for its regenerative brakes.

Functional Beauty

The new Prius displays newest styling that is been designed to evoke a stronger emotional response. The TNGA chassis permits for lower lines, whereas retentive the Prius’s signature triangular silhouette.

The body height has been reduced by 20mm and therefore the part of the roof has been affected 170mm forward, guaranteeing lots of headroom for front seat passengers whereas conjointly causative to wonderful aeromechanics and a formidable zero.24 constant of drag (Cd). The lower center of gravity has conjointly allowed the nose height to be brought down by 70mm and therefore the hindmost section of the hood by 62mm, rising the driver’s forward read.

Standard bi-LED headlamps ar fitted, that use one lens for each high and beam operation. they need a putting look that adds character and stress to the front of the car.

The rear of the Prius options sturdy lines that stretch from the rear spoiler through the mix lamps to fulfill the perimeters of the bumper. The result’s each distinctive and functionally mechanics.

Interior Designed to Please the Senses

Staying faithful the core ideas of the Prius, Toyota has created an occupant-friendly interior that focuses on simple use, with a style that aims to evoke the car’s advanced capabilities whereas remaining heat and hospitable.

The new control board encompasses a slim, carved type, with optimum positioning of the gauges, displays and controls. White accents on the wheel and front console receptacle increase the impact and advanced quality of the planning.

New seats are created to produce additional comfort and support and to assist ease the strain of long journeys. Innovations within the materials and thicknesses used for the cushion pads facilitate take the strain off the hips and build a more leisurely sorrow passengers.

Improvements have conjointly been created to the artefact of the rear seats so as to match the upper comfort levels achieved within the front seats. though the car’s height has been reduced, this can be not at the value of space; indeed an innovative ceiling style has enlarged headroom compared to previous models.

New options for On-board data and luxury

Toyota has improved the planning and performance of the multi-information show within the driver’s control board. knowledge and pictures ar currently given fully color with high resolution graphics on twin, 4.2-inch multi-information show screens. The right-hand section presents speed, reserve and alternative basic knowledge and therefore the left-hand section could be a multi-display wherever the motive force will choose most popular content employing a start the wheel.

There is conjointly a brand new color head-up show, that comes essential vehicle knowledge and alerts on to the lower section of the screen, creating data instantly and simply legible while not the motive force having to require their eyes off the road ahead.

The Smart-flow (S-FLOW) air con system improves potency. It detects whether or not the front and rear rider seats ar occupied and adjusts ventilation and heating performance consequently, minimizing air flow around any empty seats. This leads to creating the cabin atmosphere more leisurely and conjointly helps improve fuel potency.

Available Advanced Technologies ought to have the Prius Name

The new Prius can build a big advance in active and preventive safety measures with the on the market Toyota Safety Sense P package that features a Pre-collision System with Pedestrian Detection. The system uses a millimeter-wave observeion and ranging|radiolocation|measuring instrument|measuring system|measuring device} and a single-lens camera with integrated management to detect each cars and pedestrians. The package conjointly comes with Full-speed Dynamic radio detection and ranging controller.

Drivers may receive parking help with the Intelligent Parking Assist, that uses supersonic sensors to discover close objects and establish parking areas. the motive force stops the automotive before the open automobile parking space and by pushing one button, the system guides drivers to the proper position for reverse parking and assists drivers in backing into the house.

Setting the Stage for the longer term of quality

It started in 1992 with a vision for the longer term – quality consonant with society. Prius, which implies “to go before” modified the manner we have a tendency to move concerning the globe, and adjusted the automotive trade forever. over twenty years and over eight million Toyota hybrid sales later, the all-new, no compromises 2016 Prius stands facet by facet with its sib, the element steam-powered Mirai, poised to alter the sport once more. The new Prius can arrive in dealerships early next year.

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