16 types of Facebook users

With the use of social networking site Facebook we are getting update news of our family and friends, most popular place is Facebook of the world. We can make friendship with well-known personality using facebook.

types of facebook users
types of facebook users

But you know that Facebook is like a drug use and people there are 16 type of facebook users Review your list of friends and their personal strengths review here so you will be surprised.

Quiet living

This is a kind of Facebook users do not post or comment on your post. But read everything, and if you by chance met,  Facebook status also quick references.

Accustomed to repeat the same sentence

They never say anything beyond certain words and often more than a word like LOL or say hello to them seems overwhelming.

Mr. and Miss Popular

Thousands of friends of their Facebook profile, and that they themselves do not know why they are included in the list.


Mafia Wars all day with your friends, virtual cake to make and play games such other persons at the site than it’s no use.


Such persons must in each post is referring to God or the prophets.


Those who have the status of other users, photos or other materials steal and do not burp.

Dry or irritable mood

They hate everything but their lives and their status updates have also made it clear.


Do not ever post but never forget to join each group and give the user a link to a page, become a fan.


People who are always sending invitations to various events, you can delete or ignore the pain to get used to.

Who Like every time

These people do not like to say something on Facebook every post, every time to click on the Like button is a pleasant pastime.


His every post is about a person they hate and seek to destroy the lives of people living.

Anyone who does not care about spelling or Grammar

The spell check feature of many more individuals benefit while you wonder why he looks so fast, how is typed in correctly.

Drama Queen or King

Each time the individuals mentioned in the post if I do not believe that either today or they wanted me to take photos, then expect that you ask what happened or what is wrong But his story does not end.

Act as a joker

The people who constantly try to express personality, but do not ever become.

Discussion or news spread of its activities

That you are always aware of what he was doing and who want to know whether or not that other person.

The nature of the rooster

These people think daily on Facebook is their duty to say good morning whether or not the answer.

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