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1,500 migrants storm Eurotunnel in France for 2nd night

At least one migrant has died once he tried to enter Euro tunnel’s French terminal close to port on tuesday night as concerning one,500 refugees tried to interrupt through fences in a very bid to achieve UK for a second straight night.
“Our groups have found a body this morning and firefighters have confirmed the person’s death,” a interpreter for Eurotunnel told France information. BMFTV reportable that the migrant of was Sudanese origin. the person was run over by a truck from the united kingdom, Francetvinfo website reportable.

A police interpreter told BFMTV that they were “completely clueless” concerning the case, adding that sixty officers ar presently acting at the scene of the incident.

According to police sources cited by Francetvinfo, migrants were making an attempt to interrupt into Eurotunnel “at least 3 times” on Tues night.

On weekday night concerning 2,000 migrants tried to breach the fences of the port terminal making an attempt to induce into UK. A Eurotunnel interpreter, who represented the case as “the biggest incursion effort within the past month and a half.”

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