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11 YouTube Useful Tricks

YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing Web site that millions of people watch videos daily. But some people can not reach the knowledge of a few key tricks hidden inside that make a great experience to use this site.

YouTube premium tricks

The following is mentioned most people are unaware of these tricks.

Download YouTube Videos

If you like YouTube video and want to save to your computer this premium trick is very useful, Instead of wasting time on Google Search, try this trick. You have to add two “ss” WWW dot between the YouTube video link of video downloader to videos downloading, just like www . ssyoutube . com and Inter, come to new site to download.

Use The YouTube with Keyboard

If your computer mouse is damaged or you want to watch videos in full screen , use this link

Experiment With New Design

Open this link and Scroll down and click on the gate of the player, a new player has a screen size of each option scales and transparent control bar than the old design.

Play Video On Your TV

If you have a Smart TV your YouTube videos run on TV with the help of Wi-Fi from your mobile android device. Open the YouTube app on your TV and then open link Now select your TV settings in the YouTube app on android devices Pierre go on TV open and then enter the code they. Once you pair your device will play YouTube videos on your TV to the mobile device.

YouTube Filter For Kids

Youtube kids App for Kids which is free for iOS and Android consumers and here videos are available for children only, colorful buttons and Voice Search app, easy to find videos for little angels if they can not type, you can set the time for him to see them set timers.

How To Get Rid Of Video Buffering?

If you have always takes a long time to load videos on your account, change the default streaming quality. This link and choose option I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video.

Convert/Change Any video To MP3

Use YouTube To Mp3 Converter If you want to change a YouTube video and SoundCloud tracks to MP3 go to site.

Watch Videos While Surfing The Web

Floating YouTube is a Chrome extension that puts out all the windows on the mini video player.

​​Control Videos Speed

The gear icon on the video, then by clicking on the speed of .5 or .25 YouTube Video can be run in slow-motion, it is extremely helpful feature for video teaching about something.

Recognition Of Video Music

You can help to identify any of the music video site YouTube, Daily Motion and vimeo by using, just copy paste the link of the video on this site and let it work.

Keyboard Shortcuts YouTube

K: To pause or play

J: For ten seconds Rewind

L: To forward for ten seconds

M: To Mute

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