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11 Methods To Make Money From A VPS

I have seen hell lot of searches asking “How to earn from vps” or “How to make profit from vps“, thus here I posted all the 11 famous methods to make some money from a VPS. bear in mind that you can’t just make $05+ daily, unless you have a lot of VPS. This post can cover every type of methods.

The first issue to do is to buy for the VPS from a legit seller. You can buy trial VPS if you’ve got less money to begin or you only need to check on how to work with VPS. always look the Trade with Caution section before shopping for.

Famous Method: PTP (Paid to Promote)

paid to promote

PTP is that the most used method to make money online. You earn by running traffic exchange on your VPS day an night and than promote a special link. PTP with rate of $1.50/1000 impressions also are high paying.

Selling Accounts

selling accounts

You can keep running HitLeap or OTOHits on your VPS. They each can give high quality views. you can create some of accounts, earn minutes/points on them and sell them. you’ll be able to do this with any traffic exchange.

Selling Traffic

selling traffic

Instead of selling whole accounts, you’ll be able to just earn minutes/points on one account. when you accumulate lots of points then you’ll be able to sell views/traffic for advertising  online or something else purpose. $0.2/1000 views is that the rate starting price but it’s all up to your would like.

Renting resources

Renting resources

You can run a software that utilize your idle system resources and provides you money. One of the foremost famous one is Slicify. a lot of VPS providers prohibit it however you can use it. i like to recommend to not store your personal information in it as somebody will get access to that. Another one is that the recently launched Ziddu Pay App.

Web Hosting Game servers

Host game servers like counter strike ones and Minecraft “be aware that Minecraft servers require a lot of RAM Memory” and sell it or you can make “own Game servers hosting company“.


This is only profitable if you buy VPS in bulk. Suppose you bought a VPS for $4 for one month, you’ll be able to sell it for $5 for 20 days (If its worth It) and simply make back the money you invested. after twenty days, you’ll be able to use it for yourself by using it for any of the methods listed here.

Web Hosting

You can either host your own web site or sell somebody web hosting on your server. this can be really done only by the people that have good knowledge of languages (Java,HTML NOT English) and computers. it might indirectly profit you, however you will be able to show ads on your web site (If it’s common enough) otherwise you can sell web hosting (If you have enough resources).


You can run differing kinds of bots of different varieties of sites. The good thing about these is that you will run a lot of bots within the background while performing other things. a lot of good bots are offered on many forums just for free. Again, this may indirectly profit you. you’ll be able to run the rogue Bots which can bring humongous money in exchange for what you set in it. For more enquiry, contact rogue.

FTP servers

Make FTP servers and sell them.


minning on vps

You can mine Bitcoin, Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency on your VPS. Most VPS providers do not allow mining. Mining is considered cpu abuse and your VPS might go down because of it. you ought to verify that if your VPS supports mining.


This would not directly make you money. Brute-Forcing archives and networks is a practice done by a fraction of individuals. They take money to crack a password and run Brute-Force on their VPS’s. this could get your VPS closed. highly Use with caution.

You can perform some of methods along to form enough cash for starting. The trick within the starting ought to be that you just a minimum of recover what you endowed, and create little profits. Invest the profits to generate more money. And you’ll grow.

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