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What is affiliate marketing ?

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Affiliate is a type of marketing or advertising products in your blog. By affiliate you can earn commissions by placing product banners or links in your webpage. If some one who visits your page clicks, or sees the add banner or link you will earn commission. The commission earned usually differs according to plan given by the advertisers such as sometimes you earn commissions while a person just sees your add on the web page or you will only receive commission if some one click the link or buy product by clicking the link from your page.

Affiliate marketing diagram

Affiliate marketing usually consists of three phases

Advertiser: An advertiser may be a company who want to sell product like electronics, dress or any other materials. The advertiser uses a publisher to publish their advertisement.

Publisher: A publisher is an individual who promotes an advertisers product. A publisher is provided all the essential banners and other items from advertiser to publish their item.

Consumer: The consumer is the person who sees the add or banners and clicks those. If a consumer clicks the add or sees the add or buys the product by clicking the add the consumer money in the form of commission from the advertiser.

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