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Create Systems When Building out your Niche Site Empire

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When starting off with making money online, you want to have a plan of action that will carry you through the first year or two with your new online business. When building a niche site empire, it is helpful to start to create systematized processes that will help get new sites up and running quickly and to build momentum in your business from day one.

Writing Regularly Five Days a Week

With writing, many people are not born writers. They have the idea that they want to start putting together their own web sites, but they are not really a writer and often do not know where to start. For this reason, you have to learn the ropes and do a few practice runs, especially if you are a bit rusty with your writing.

What helps with this is having a writing schedule where you write at least five days a week, even if it is only for 2-3 hours a day. It is something that can be fitted in to your busy like in between a full time job and other life responsibilities. Once set in stone in your life, you can regularly start producing content.

Learning WordPress

One of the best blogging platforms to learn is WordPress. Like any new software, there is an upwards climb that you go through initially, but once you are over the hump, it becomes easy to work with. Creating a web site used to be something that took a week or more to design and produce a 5 page site, but with today’s blogging technology it is possible to launch a site with a fresh looking theme in 15 minutes or less.

Posting each new article does not take too long. It can actually take longer to find a suitable image  or YouTube video to use for your post than it can take to post it online.


Promotion of each niche site makes the difference between success and failure when a site is looked at through the lens of profitability. Promotion can be through link building for organic search engine ranking with Google, Bing and Yahoo, but it can also be done through social media platforms that have an increasingly apparent role in pulling in traffic to sites that do not rank or get much traffic otherwise.

Learning all about social media has become crucial in the effort to turn a a good site into a busy site with many visitors who help in generating a passive income for the owner.

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