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How to Make Money Online By Selling Adsense Starter Sites

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For many newbies with Internet Marketing to make money online, they have too little time to spare, want to put too little time and effort into launching their niche site platform and are simply looking for whatever shortcuts they can find.

What Is Adsense Starter Sites

For theses types of people, they do not want to run keyword searches to try to find what sites will be good money earners. They do not wish to nail down what keywords in a given niche will make money and how much they might earn. They do not wish to setup a site from scratch. Instead, they are on the look out for cookie cutter solutions that will fill this need and the gap in their niche site portfolio.

make money adsense

There is therefore a separate and distinct option to sell websites, but not the way most people do it through Instead, we are not talking about mature web sites that are already making good money every month. Instead, we are talking about pre-researched, pre-made web sites where everything has been done for the buyer already. All you need to do is add in your Google Adsense code and then watch the money roll in.

How To Sell Adsense Starter Web site To Make Money Online

Such sites may only have a single article on the home page or perhaps inside there are five posts so that the site can be considered a mini site. But nothing larger than that. An Adsense Starter Site can be offered as a type of pre-made shell, selling for a fixed price like $50 to Earn Money, and then separately sell your writing services to offer additional content for an attractive price. The fixed price will cut out the negotiating and save time. With a good range of domains and niches on offer, you can turn this into a site factory where keywords are researched, domains are registered, sites are set up and writing is added. And all at affordable prices.

What is also interesting is that someone could outsource all of these services to either an individual person or specialists who each do their component parts. Someone is good at keyword research, and owns some good keyword software, so that’s their responsibility. Another person is a developer, so they make each site. And so on. Depending how you want to configure things, with enough start up capital and a willing audience, one stream of online income can be helping others get started with a package of sites. For some people, this is exactly what they have been looking for all along.

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