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How to Make Money Online With Smart Affiliate Product Choices

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When becoming an affiliate marketer, it is said that it is all about the choices one makes with what products to promote. Whether you are using a lower commission payout merchant like Amazon or a high commission payout place like Clickbank, it still comes down to smart product choices.

Brand Recognizability

Wherever possible, it is important to look at whether there are recognizable branded products available in your chosen niche. The reason is really simple: Paid advertising by the product producer which helps raise brand awareness and pre-sells the product.

Try selling a product no one has heard of, with questionable benefits, from a brand no one has heard of either, on a web site that is new to everyone… see how many sales you get. Even with a well funded pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign, all that expensive traffic won’t convert worth a damn if people don’t know anything about the product.

Less Need to Educate

When marketing an informational product from Clickbank, you will usually use a very long sales letter that will wax lyrically about all the supposed benefits of the product. This is all well and good, and can be persuasive, but these kind of sales letters still have a steep climb to go from visitor to sale, and also not have the product become a chargeback later from dissatisfied customer.

These sales letters are trying to educate the reader with their message, to cover up for the fact that no one has heard of this product before, or the company that is offering it, or the web site it is featured on. It is a tough sell all round.

When making the choice to instead promote a product, like say, the iPad 4, you will have a hugely recognizable product from Apple, a very well known brand, to rely upon. Their huge marketing budget is already doing your work for you. What will be far tougher will not be converting the visitor into a buyer, but getting the traffic in the first place as every marketer is trying to pull in these kinds of potential buyers.

Best Products to Look For

When selecting a product to market, you should want to look at something that is more middle of the road. A product that has some interest in a busy market, or a successful product in a smaller niche. Either of these have the potential to be lucrative and more likely to have less competition in attracting eyeballs. It is more likely then that the traffic can be gained by providing a quality product reviews that genuinely inform the visitor and close the sale.

Going after the hottest product or the no name product are tough roads to go down and often lead to failure. Try something that is the middle of the two approaches and look for your way in to good, if not huge, levels of traffic that will convert.

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