Killer Trick To Reduce WordPress Blog Bounce Rate In Google Analytics

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If your website’s bounce rate in google analytics is low then you think you work is awesome and continue it.What i mean to say is your blog is full healthy blog. Got my point right.

We should care about this topic maintaining bounce accordingly. If your website bounce rate is high then you have to work hard.

In this article lets discuss on this niche how to decrease bounce and its importance.

What is Bounce rate ?

Nothing but in single word we can say It mean the behavior of your visitors visiting to your blog and Bounced from current page of your blog . I mean quality of your web traffic depends to control your blogs bounce rate.

Why is bounce rate Important ?

As is said above what is bounce at that point itself your brain would have striked out how important it is. It shows how your visitor’s are addicted to your blogs content.
If your blog has high bounce rate then you think that you have to increase your visitors to stick on your pages. I hope this article will benefit you.

What Is A Good Bounce Rate ?

Simple i will represent like this :
  1. Excellent Bounce Rate – Around or lower than 20%
  2. Good Bounce Rate – Around or lower than 40%
  3. Average Bounce Rate – 50 to 60%
  4. Poor Bounce Rate – Over 75 to 80%

How To Know What Is My Bounce Rate ?

Google’s One of the best tool Google Analytics will provide you with perfect bounce rate of your blog without any mixing vixing (Genuine) .
To know your go to dashboard of your Analytics Acquisition ->> Overview
There you can find under behavior tab your blogs bounce rate.

What is Lower Bounce Rate ?

Lower  bounce rate means more number of visitors are addicted to your content reading like to get passed there degree or something else haaa kidding but its truth.
Apart from optimization also it helps search engines to rank good on the front page.

What is a High Bounce Rate ?

If a visitor visits your blog accidentally or he don’t find any usefull information he require then immediately user exits from your blog.
That is the reason why you get high bounce rate. I have given according to the percentage in the above follow it. I hope good results.

What If Bounce Rate Too Low ?

You might be in anxiety when you see your bounce rate too lower. You might think that too many visitor’s are sticky on my content.
Then i say you are wrong. Iam sorry to discourage you but its fact.
Reason why your bounce rate is too low means you have paste google Analytics code twice in your souce code.
Check once your source code and that is only the reason non other than this.
To check your blogs source code then right click on your website -> View Source Code.

Best Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate Easily ?

Interlink Posts In Between Content

Yes you should interlink with some other related post that decreases bounce rate

Open External Links In New Tab

While you insert Interlink in content then tick check box to open link to new window with your blogs pageviews increase and bounce rate decreases

Clear Readability Content

If you write irritating or some annoying content words then visitor fed up with that source so try to avoid it.

Place Search Box

If your daily reader want some information which you have posted it already and he learned some thing from that again he wants to view it here search box increases and bounce rate decreases.

Avoid Irritating Stuff

I dont want to write anything here because you already know what to right i hope if you write then please avoid it.

Display Related Posts

If a reader is reading a post and completed then he will exit from your site in order to keep on site do keep related posts gadgets at the bottom of the post so that bounce rate decreases.

Make Sure Your Post Has A Tag Line

When a visitor visits your site if he don’t have patience to read the content then chances of exit from site so do write a tag line at the post beginning so that user know what is this content about.

Clear Layout and Design

Theme also matters if your site is with some clumsiness then it annoys to user then he exit run rate from there so do avoid it.

Optimize Page Loading

It plays major role to decrease bounce rate if your site loads for long time some users does’t have patience then they discontinue you are the looser

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