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KeyPoint Media ad network is a futures media group with flexible, state-of-the-art automated programmatic technology. Our technology builds synergy and coordinate interests between publishers’ aspiration for maximum eCPM & ROI and advertisers’ aspiration for maximum CPA & ROI.

Key Point’s ad network technology matches advertising campaigns to publishers’ specific traffic using big data, segmentation, and end user specifications on RTB. With so much traffic out there, it seems difficult to match the campaigns to users. KeyPoint Media has developed technology that simplifies over 20 billion monthly impressions into a converted and optimized metric, benefiting both advertisers and publishers.
Our highly qualified and experienced account managers work hard to ensure our partners get the best possible service and everything they need to maximize their revenues. Our partners gain access to a broad variety of monetization, programmatic advertising, dashboard and analytics tools to allow them to find and target their clients, optimize their campaigns, and increase user engagement.

Publishers: At KeyPoint Media, publishers enjoy maximum eCPMs and ROI, top monetization and optimization tools, 100% fulfillment, timely payments, and a worldwide network of advertisers. Our programmatic platform offers publishers with everything they need to connect audiences on multiple platforms and devices and increase their revenues per user.

Advertisers: Advertisers using KeyPoint Media’s advanced programmatic technology gain access to an worldwide network with billions of monthly impressions and a high-gain advertising solution for higher performance and ROI. We work with thousands of publishers around the world and control millions of daily downloads from various target audiences and demographics.

KeyPoint-Media Network Details
Minimum Threshold: $ 10
Payment Frequency: Net 15
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire. Check
Based Country: IN
Contact: Telephone:  +972-3-5296313
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