Improve User Interaction – Review And Reply To Blog Comments

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Generally if someone ask some doubts to you, clarify them, then they will trust you, in future if they get any doubt they will come to you. Or if they want any information they will come and ask you.

Here also the same strategy, if some one did comment on your website reply to them. So that they will think you are active and they will visit your website again. Make happy your visitors, so that you can improve user retention. If they ask any doubt about your post, you have responsibility to clarify them. So, they will trust your website and you will get more page views from them.

Add more contents to your website so that search engines can index those pages. If you get more visitors to your webpage means you will get more comment about your post. You need to make sure that you are reviewing and replying to all comments.

Blog comments also will help you to get some visitors. If you review and reply to comments then those visitor will come back to your website. Leave comment’s to some other websites or blog, while leaving comment include your website url so that other blog visitors also will come to your website.

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