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How to Earn Money Fast Online From Home

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i have received a lot of emails to boys and college girls about making money online from home, so today I decided to explain some ways to make money online. No doubt now students are much more independent and talented as compared to 20 years back; especially in developing countries. I’m blogging since 2014 but I have noticed that people trend about working on internet is increasing day by day from 2011 to onward. I personally recommend students to work online, once they get married because its quite hard to do offline job when you have kids.

If you are a student , you must get bored with the same routine work at home. Why don’t you spend your time in a useful way and start working over internet and help your family to live a better and luxuries life. The best part of online business is that, there is almost no investment, to get started you just require an internet connection and personal computer.

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So now pay attention, leave your work for a while and turn off TV, your bank will thank you for this later. I’m going to share how to earn money as a student, who are sitting idle at home, wasting all their talents.

Things you need to know about Online Earning in Pakistan

  1. you should know about computer and Internet
  2. you should know to understand English language at least of basic level

Top 5 Ways To Earn Money At Home

1- Articles Writing

The most easy and quick way for students to start making money is article writing, your writing abilities and English grammar need to be good if you want to become content writer. If your English is not good, still nothing to worry just do a Google search and find many websites to learn English online. You can find clients on Facebook or writer Emails to different magazine and other blogs/websites. You can also join Freelancer or O desk to get started.

It’s not difficult as you are thinking. In article writing, you just need to collect information mixture and write it in your own words, like you are reading this article. If anyone has good writing skills and good English grammar he/she can contact me, I can help to get work.

2- Become Online Tutor

This is something what I really love to do, I don’t like home tuition or study in offline academies because it wastes a lot of time. You may already know that I’m also teaching different Online courses include Web Development, Blogging and Online Earning Training Course. So, trends are changing now, so its time for you to start teaching online and utilize your knowledge. Before starting you need to keep in mind that people are not comfortable with all subjects online so chose subject that can be learned online,e:g students feel comfortable in learning English grammar, Programming, chemistry, biology etc.

You have two options, first you can get some students to teach online via some local links, some home or online tuition providers, fiver, classified ads or Facebook to get registered on some online websites that look for online teachers and pay them for teaching online, solving problems, completing assignments. You can teach via Live chat, Skype Videos calls and Screen sharing with team viewer. You can expect $300 to 1000$ monthly income.
An old man visited my office few days back and he is teaching online Qur’an to students in Ksa, USA and making 500$+ every month. Even he can not operate computer well, His English is not too good but still he is making money and doing hard work.

3- Graphic Designing

Its amazing way to make handsome amount of money for creative students , professional web designers average making 200 to 3000 dollar a month. With respect to different surveys out of all the fashion designers out there, 70% of them are students. If you are reading or searching for online work first time than you may be amazed or its looks strange but day by day graphic designers demand is increasing. So you can get started with Photoshop and Coral draw and you can find work on Freelancer, O desk, Facebook, Community forums or contact any nearest software house.

Well nothing to worry, you can learn Photoshop or Coral draw online, Google is your friend so find some tutorials and learn all stuff online free. Its also a fact the students have God gifted approach to make the best use of colors etc.

4- Earn via blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest methods for students how to earn money as a student but It requires lots of hard-work with devotion in starting. If you are expert in some specific topic, subject or you want to share your views about products, technology, politicians etc any thing, its means you can start blogging. Blog is just like your Public Diary, where you can share your thoughts and when people read your blog and you get paid. To become a successful blogger you needs lots of patience, Never quit attitude.

Well for success in blogging, you need to learn Search Engine Optimization and Magnetization. You can learn all this stuff from different websites by searching in Google. Best categories for students to start a blog are cooking, fashion, health and fitness, personal care, beauty etc. You can make $100 to $300 a month by doing blogging.

5- Offer Gigs

Its fun to make money with different mini freelancing website by offering gigs. Gig is refer to any service, work or any thing that you can do for $5+/-, for Example You can start a gig like” I can write 600 words article for 5$” or “I can sing a song to wish birthday to your friend for 5$” or some naughty gig “I will give 25 missed calls to any one you want for $” etc. There is a huge market place where you can offer you gigs know as Fiver. Specially girls and boys can cash this opportunity according to their talent.

You can visit and browse different categories to get more ideas about different gigs, may be you can find some thing you can do really very well. You can make average $350 to $1000 monthly using this way. If YouTube is working on your computer, you can watch my Presentation about these 5 ways how to earn money as a student.

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