How to build your blog using Google+, Facebook, Social Media?

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No wonder, the very basic building block of a successful blog requires a very basic simple element – Good Content. If you write a contents and with substantial information, readers will definitely love your blog. They will eventually bookmarked your page and subscribed to your feeds. If you are going to ask me how good is good content is, I can’t help you with that because you are only one who could realize what is your strength is. It really depends on your skills and talents. The sooner you discovered your potential, the better. So, how can I help you? – I’ll be providing some guides I found on how to make your blog readership grow and that’s it from zero to million of readers. Be positive and you can do it.

3 Important things to consider for successful blogging

  • Content must be discoverable – from search results, from reference in other content, from recommendations from friends.
  • Make readers return – readers must be notified of the new content and come back to read it
  • Grow your readership – achieve strong growth

How to make your content discoverable?

When you publish a post in Blogger, it will appear automatically in Google Search. That’s great but there are extra steps you can take to make your posts more visible:
– Select a good descriptive title for the post. This is critical for good search results.
– Set a search description on the post. This should be a small snippet of text that reflects the content of the post. It will be used by Google Search to better index your post and may appear in the search result instead of the first few lines of the post.
Note: Read Google SEO Starter Guide for more great ideas on effective SEO
– Link your blog to a Google+ Page and share your post to the G+ Stream. As well as providing a second entry in Google search, it will make your blog visible in Google+. When you share, make sure your share the post publicly, not just to your circles. A public share will be visible to anyone, not just people that are already subscribe to your blog.

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To create a Google+ page and link it to your blog, just open the Google+ tab in the Blogger UI. Enable the “Prompt to share after posting” check box and every time you share, remember to share with the public Circle. See Socialize and grow your blog with Google+
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2. How to retain your readers

Now that you have your blog linked to Google+, add the Google+ Follow widget to your blog and encourage your readers to follow your blog, i.e. to add your Google+ page to their circles. Once they add your Google+ Page to their circles, they will receive notification when you share your post and see a snippet of your post in their stream.
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3. How to Grow your readership

Add the +1 and +Share widgets to your template and encourage your readers to +1 and +Share your content. Each +1 will increase the quality rating of your posts, making them more likely to appear more frequently in Google+ trends and search results. Each +Share from a reader to their circles forwards your post to their friends.
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Four simple steps:
– Link your blog to a Google+ Page.
– Add the +1, +Share and +Follow widgets to your template.
– Share your posts publicly.
– Encourage your readers to +1, share and follow your blog.

Are your ready to make your blog grow?

All social networks will help you achieve this and to be successful, you probably want to cover as many of them as possible. This post discuss how to configure your blog with Google+ to maximize readership but the same logic can be applied to Twitter or Facebook.

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