How To Add hreflang Tags In Blogger And Other Site

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Hey guys do you know google uses hreflang tags to identify the language of any blog or website. By default in some blogger templates it is already added but in some templates it is unavailable due to which google cannot identify the language used in any blog or website. When you submit your website to the google webmaster then it is important to tell the google which language are you using in your blog?

By default google uses hreflang tags to identify the language in a blog so i gonna tell you how to add this tag in your blogger template or other website template. By  using this simple method it can be done easily. Please read all the details carefully and create backup before any editing in your templates.

How To Add hreflang Tags In Blogger And Other Website ?

To add hreflang tags in blogger template all you have to do that just go to the blogger template option and click edit then paste below code in the <Head> section of your blogger template.

<link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”en-US” />

In the above code just replace from your URL. Green color highlighted character “en” is used for English Language and Blue Highlighted characters “US” is used for country United States you can change these characters according to your country and language. If you are using more than one language in your blog then you can use more than one hreflang tags in your blog just change the green highlighted characters with desired language codes.

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