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Founded in 2008,GDM is a biddable media agency. They help advertisers engage with their audience in real time, on a massive scale and across all connected devices. They have always been at the fore-front of performance trading and real-time biddable media. Their aim is to help advertisers get more efficiency from online campaigns.

They are not a typical RTB trading platform. Rather than acting as a middleman in the digital landscape, they are a full service RTB specialist with bespoke, next generation technology at their disposal. They believe that the technology can only take their clients so far, it is the people that deliver the real results and their team of dedicated specialists ensure this happens for every campaign.

GDM Digital Ad Network Details

Type: Retargeting,Behavioural,Mobile,Contextual,Video
Minimum Threshold: N/A
Payment Frequency: N/A
Payment Method: N/A
Based Country: UK
Contact: Telephone: +44 207 036 8766
Email:[email protected]
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