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FoxFireWeb run a powerful PPC and CPA banner advertising network using a platform that is absolutely state of the art,unique, and uses an extremely intelligent AI system that thinks just like a real human! The great thing about their advertising network is that their system will automatically adjust and optimize your advertising. If you are an online publisher, then all you have to do, is sign up, and place a piece of small advertising code on your pages, then let their system totally take over all the donkey work for you. Once you have placed their code on your sites, you will not have to change anything, and even though you get paid per click or per action, their system will maximize your revenues based on ECPM! Their current publishers are seeing a better performance than most other networks.

FoxFireWeb Ad Network Details

Minimum Threshold: $ 50
Payment Frequency: Monthly Payouts
Payment Method: Paypal,Wire,ACH
Based Country: US
Contact: Telephone:
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