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New Bloggers goes to while Pro Blogger Chooses WordPress (Self-Hosted). is free Service provided by Google. It is ideal for the one who is just learning and doesn’t want to get into the real business. While is free, It has many Drawbacks. This post is on Blogger vs WordPress, and that’s what we are going to do.

WordPress is a modern world’s Tool, which can be used on any Free or Paid Web Host. You can create your WordPress site for $0 (Free Hosts -not Recommended) to even more than $100/month.

With the increase of Competition within Web Hosts, the Pricing for Running a Website has become pretty cheap. The introduction of Shared Hosting was a significant relief in industries. Where one person would have to pay $50/month for running a Static Business Website, Now It can be divided among 50 People Reducing the Cost to very low.

In this post, we will have a look at the major factors and difference between and Self-Hosted WordPress or Blogger vs WordPRess.


Google owns So of Course, It is pretty much fast. Moreover, It depends on the Template you choose for your website. While default template is quick, using stuffy and complex templates can reduce your website speed.

But, that’s not a fault of the provider. The same with WordPress, Good Templates can prove a lot faster while free templates/themes or Pirated one can make you blog a lot slower.

Winner: Almost Draw

Both shares equal speed. If you choose cheap web hosts, you can get a lot down in speed whereas by selecting a fast web host, you can make your website/blog fly.


Google reserves the full right to pause, stop or remove your site. They can delete your site, giving no alert or very less time if they found anything on your site breaking their Terms of Service. is okay for temporary learners. But, don’t expect to start an authority or real website on it. Pay if you want to grow. Google can shut down their Service ( anytime.

Whereas, Self-Hosted WordPress is fully owned by you and you have the full right to do anything with your website. You have complete control over the data and reserves the right to use it anytime. But Still, Beware of your Host’s Terms and Services. Most of the Web Hosting Providers allows a site with some black hat content. Make sure to read and check the T&C before signing up.

Winner: WordPress


While is 100% Free, you may need to pay hosting charges for Hosting your WordPress Application/Website. This is the main reason where most bloggers fail. They go with just because it is free while not having an eye on the benefits of WordPress.

WordPress may not work very well with free Hosting Providers as they provide very fewer resources which aren’t enough for memory hungry WordPress.

Winner: Blogger

But There’s a Saying:

Investement pays Itself


With Blogger, you can’t do everything and is limited with few options. You can make Ecommerce Website with Blogger (Maybe you could), Allow Login, Automate most of the task, use plugins like Yoast SEO, which helps to boost SEO, and many other opportunities are missed.

With WordPress, you are the king. You can do almost everything you want. Build Ecommerce website, Sell Products or Services Online and easily, automate the task, make paid Contents and Probably you would miss all the Awesome Plugins made for WordPress such as Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, Premium Content, and many-many more.

Winner: WordPress


Blogger is awesome Secure until you have a weak password. It enjoys benefits of Google Robust Security System which take down any Hack before reaching you.

WordPress has many Folks and Security Experts working but still, It is self-hosted which means that you are wholly responsible for any hack, security holes, etc.

Winner: Blogger


I Don’t think you will get support for or maybe very less support. Google don’t provide in-depth support for You are responsible and the victim for anything that brokes or goes wrong.

WordPress don’t provide official support (I think) but they have a very vast community where many good folks are ready to assist you. You can ask your question and hope that someone will reply to your query soon.

Winner: WordPress

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