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AdoTube is a worldwide in-stream video advertising solution. They provide publishers and advertisers with easy and efficient access to in-stream video advertising and the solutions to target and optimize across multiple devices and video formats.It is a division of Exponential, the worldwide provider of advertising intelligence and digital media solutions to brand advertisers. Exponential offers solutions in 22 countries globally and reaches more than 450m unique users every month.

Publishers: Their flexible suite of solutions streamlines your workflow, enabling you to easily integrate in-steam video advertising across your web and mobile properties. Leveraging the power of PUMA technology, their integrated video ad management platform and their proprietary ad server they provide publishers with the ability to effectively monetize video content while enhancing audience experience and retention.

Advertisers: Deliver real-time optimization of creative and content to reach your target audiences with engaging and relevant messages. Leveraging the power of the VidLogic technology, an integrated video campaign management desk that has powered billions of in-video ads, They provide a complete video solution offering extensive, un-duplicated reach combined with advanced audience-based targeting and compelling, customized ad formats.

AdoTube Ad Network Details

Type: Video, CPM
Minimum Threshold: $ 100
Payment Frequency: NET90
Payment Method: Wire,Check
Based Country: US
Contact: Telephone: 855-236-8823
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